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  • No hidden fees, no extra service fee

  • Free 24/7, all-round services carried out to your satisfaction

  • Free listing on UCNEST website with international exposure

  • Hassle-free direct rental payment from UCNEST

  • On-time payment secured during your contract with UCNEST

  • A three- to five-year contract assures you of long-term and regular earnings

  • Free property assessment provided by our qualified property manager

  • Professional home design to equip your property with high-quality furniture

  • A sophisticated maintenance system to help you deal with maintenance issues efficiently and economically

  • Reliable tenants provided for you by UCNEST – no need to spend time, effort and money seeking them and vetting them

How we work

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1:

    Am I tied to a contract with UCNest on the same rent for each year?

    No, UCNest offers a 2% increase on the rent each year of your contract with us.

  • Q2:

    To what extent do I have the ability to influence the tenancy agreement (eg. no smoking, no pets, max of 2 tenants, etc.)

    We do not allow smoking or pets in the apartments that we rent out, you can also have a look at what we have in the sample contract (available on request) and we can tailor some contracts to suit your demands.

  • Q3:

    Do you rent the property or by bedroom?

    We would ideally like to rent the property but we could rent room by room if it was preferable on your side.

  • Q4:

    What checks do you perform on prospective tenants?

    We check the passport and visa of the students. We do a credit check on the students should they not prefer to pay the rent to us in advance, many Chinese students pay the rent upfront to us.

  • Q5:

    What is happens in the case of the tenants not fulfilling their contract?

    We at UCNest are the tenants and we will pay the rent to you guaranteed, the tenants leaving does not affect your rent.

  • Q6:

    How often do you inspect the properties?

    We inspect the properties once a month to insure that the students are taking care of the property,

  • Q7:

    If the flat falls into disrepair or damage due to neglectful treatment, who bears the responsibility and cost of rectifying?

    If the flat fell into disrepair we would charge this from the tenants deposit to repair any damages that they have caused.

  • Q8:

    Is it a fixed term contract? If yes, how long does it last and how far in advance would you advise should I wish to enter a follow on contract?

    Yes, a 3-5 year contract is available and a follow on contract could be renegotiated 3 months before the current contract expires.

  • Q9:

    Do I have any right to visit / inspect the property during the contracted period?

    Yes you do have the right to inspect the property if you could give us 48 hours notice before you would like to inspect your property.

  • Q10:

    I have British Gas Landlords cover, I assume that this can be used as a first recourse should there be any issues rather than using your own contractors?

    Yes using the British Gas cover would indeed be desirable rather than using our own contractors.

  • Q11:

    How do I have assurance that there will not be a series of short term contracts, but rather that there will only be one set of tenants for a predetermined period?

    It is in the contract with the tenants that they would be renting that property for the year.

  • Q12:

    Would you prepare an info pack for tenants or would that come from me?

    We would prepare the info pack for the tenants, if you have one already we can have a look through it and see whether or not our clients would be able to use it.

  • Q13:

    Would I need to be there when the tenancy starts (to do a meter reading / inventory checklist, etc) or is this something that you manage?

    We will do the meter reading and inventory checklist, but you would need to confirm all of the things on the list.

  • Q14:

    Do you do a professional clean at the end of the tenancy?


  • Q15:

    In the event that I was to want to sell the property (of course not completing before the end of the contracted period) would I or estate agents have access rights to show the flat to prospective buyers?

    Yes , aforementioned if you give 48 hours notice then you will be able to access your property whenever you want throughout the year.